Oh the ups and downs of being a mom
The joys and the frustration
One minute you feel so full of love
Next minute you’re on medication
There are so many mom things
That truly touch my heart
I’d like to share a few with you
Let’s see, where shall I start?

Verse 1:

That time one wanted to hug me if I paid her first in cash
My youngest accidentally threw my engagement ring in the trash
I love the sweet way that they complain about, oh, everything I cook
And the way they yell “Can’t find my shoes!” though they didn’t even look
Any time I practice singing, they never fail to boo,
And one cursed me with the F word which I didn’t know sheknew. 
There’s the time one kid was sick and sadly threw my mouth
Yes, these are the moments that motherhood’s about

Verse 2:

There was the time one got her head stuck in between the chair’sback rungs
So I slathered her with peanut butter then realized, no, that gets out gum
The way they all fight and think I care enough to referee
And the way they scream “I hate you” when I turn off the TV 
There were the 19 hours of labor that made me curse and shout
Not to mention how I tore to shreds when I pushed that first oneout
And even though they always tell me that they love their dad the best.
As a mom I feel totally fulfilled, adored and blessed

Bridge 1:
My oldest wrote her “Woman I Most Admire Essay” about her best friend’s mom
That was rough
And my kids told me they knew that Santa was real because I was too cheap to buy them
All that stuff

Verse 3:

I love how when they’re doing homework they all stare out into space
And the cute way that they giggle after farting in my face
It’s fun finding cups of milk that lived beneath the couch for weeks
And I’m proud to have inspired their ruthless bargaining techniques
They once called child services ‘cause I took away dessert
They once ran over my foot with their bikes, again, and again…that hurt
And even though one patted my muffin top and asked “am I getting a brother?”
I honestly can say that I just love being their mother. 

Bridge 2:
They call me old, I say I’m not, they say “no, really, yes you are”
But I stay calm
And nothing makes me more at peace then hearing one or two or three girls call out
Verse 4:
And though motherhood has challenges of which I am aware
It all seems very worthwhile when my kids show me they care
(Tell Madeline Story)
I’m often tired, sometimes crabby, but I’ll say on their behalf
That they do bring me immeasurable joy and always make me laugh
(Tell Zoe story)
Though they’re willful and they’re trying, and occasionally cruel
They’re also kind and funny, and sometimes super cool
(Tell Charlotte Story)
I really love them, so I will remain at their beck and call,
And I’ve decided that I won’t sell them on Ebay after all!